Happiness is your own nature.    Hence it is not wrong to desire it.    What is wrong is seeking it outside, because it is inside...... GURUDEV    ( Paramahamsa Atmananda )
What is Kriya Yoga - In nutshell.
Kriya Yoga is the scientific way of simultaneous benefit to body, mind, intellect and Soul. The two important aspects of Kriya Yoga are the following:
 1)   Perform all your actions, lovingly and mentally
      offer those actions to your Inner Self or the Soul.
 2)  The other aspects are the Kriya Yoga techniques.

These are a combination of Physical Yoga, Mental Yoga and Spiritual Yoga. It includes Mudras, Pranayam and Meditation. It is not a very far fetched idea that you can perceive the power of God working through this limited form of the body.
Time is very precious - Do Kriyayoga
The most precious thing in the universe is Time (kaal). If one take initiation from satguru and do the Kriyayoga techniques regularly; it would take 10-15 minutes for one cession in morning and another 10-15 minutes in evening. How one can master in kriyayoga?
What is Kriya Deeksha?

“Diksha” is one of those Sanskrit words, which has no equivalent non-Sanskrit term or word. When we write the word Diksha, we mean the same word used in all Indian languages ...
Advice to the kriyabans

To remove obstacles from the spiritual path and to make satisfying progress in spiritual practice, the following are the advice to the students of Kriya Yoga. During Kriya Yoga ...
How can one get Deeksha?

The Guru must test the student to find exactly, his needs, strong points & weak points and guide accordingly. The student should test the Guru, if they can live & learn in ...
The City of Nine Gates is a description of the human body with its nine opening or gates. They are the two eyes, the two ears, the two nostrils, the mouth, the
All creatures are health conscious. So too are human beings. All creatures are seeking happiness and happiness depends on health too.
In Jyotimudra, one can perceive the supreme power of god as Divine Light or Light of Inner Self or Soul.
Om in short symbolizes the totality of Gods Power and Presence. Since the earlier days of the Holy Scriptures
During Mahamudra, three main postures exercises, energizes, vitalizes, purifies and refines the